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As we all know, 2014  was the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the 1914-1918 war.

The following page details the 50 Horsman / Horseman / Horsaman men who lost their lives during that conflict.

Lest We Forget

The basic information has been extracted from the Commonwealth War Graves web site. However, in a few instances this lacked full details.  Where this occurred, I’ve done my best to fill in the gaps.

After much searching I have finally been  able to identify all the men who were lot, and I have also been sent ( or discovered) photographs of several of the soldiers.  Thanks to those who sent them.  

Where a photo is available, click the thumbnail to see a larger version (then back arrow to return to the text)  

If you have any other photos, please get in touch and I will be pleased to include them.

I have also been fortunate in obtaining photographs of several memorials in France and Belgium.  

I have indicated these an  M.   Click this to access the photograph, then back arrow to return to the text.

Again,  if anyone has photographs of graves or memorials, which they would be willing to contribute, please get in touch.

Sadly 4 Horsman / Horsman men were killed in the Boer War.  If anyone can provide more information about them, please get in touch.

Boer War


Lest We Forget