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My Horsman ancestors were definitely not of interest when I was younger.  My parents were teachers, and in the late ‘60's and early ‘70's, holidays were spent ‘Tracing the Ancestors’.  

In those days, Parish Registers were not on-line, or stored at Archives or Record Offices, so holidays were spent in cold Church halls, looking at dusty old books. This was definitely not the thing a teenager wanted to be doing.My late father John Horsman 1924 - 2014, the inspiration for my One Name Study

However, in the mid ‘90’s my father, John Horsman moved,  and as he had given up his search, I was given the boxes containing ‘the Ancestors’.  Initially my only aim was to consolidate the mass of information - so it didn’t take up too much space.   However, curiosity got the better of me,  and I was hooked.

As with most One Name Studies, my interest began with researching my own family tree. Sadly I can only trace my own direct line as far back as 1808, when John Horseman married Hannah Tiffany at Pateley Bridge in Yorkshire. However in my efforts to find John's death I started to collect all instances of the name, and soon built up comprehensive trees for the Hors(e)man families in the area. Members of the various families subsequently migrated away from Yorkshire, and I have traced many of these to their new destinations, both in the UK and overseas.

As I followed the families out of Yorkshire, I discovered that there were Hors(e)man’s in other counties.  My One Name Study had begun.  Soon I was investigating these different families wherever I found them.

If you are a Hors(e)man or have Hors(e)man ancestry do get in touch with me. I cannot promise that I have information on your line, but will do my best to help.

How the Study Began