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Historical Occurrences

Monument to Sir Thomas Horsman in Burton Pedwardine Church

Sir Thomas Horsman

was born in about 1536 and died in 1610.

He acquired land in Lincolnshire after the dissolution of the monasteries, although he appeared to live at the Savoy area of London.

He is buried in London, but there is a large effigy to him in the church of Burton Pedwardine in Lincolnshire. This family was only continued down the female line.

Margery Horsman-

was a maid of honor to Henry VIII’’s first three queens and a member of the households of the last three. She may have been the 'one maiden more' who was the third of three women who supposedly made accusations against Anne Boleyn in 1536, but a report by Sir William Kingston suggests she was loyal to the queen. Margery married Sir Michael Lister of Hurstbourne, Hampshire (d.1551), as his second wife, on June 27, 1537 and with her husband served jointly as Keeper of the Queen’s Jewels.

This information on Margery is courtesy of Kathy Emerson:


Robert  Horseman

was born in about 1615 son of Robert Horseman and Elizabeth Pickering, and was baptised at Titchmarsh in Northamptonshire.  By 1644 he was the Governor of Rockingham Castle, (on the Parliamentary side).  Where and exactly when he died, and where he is buried,  is not certain, but a document obtained from the Archivist at Rockingham castle states that in March 1645 ‘Horsman was gravely ill’, and that he died in early 1646.