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I have re-constructed family trees for many of the families which originate in the UK.

Each tree has been carefully researched, and many go back to the 1700’s.

I also have many twigs which are not connected to a main tree. Usually this is because I can’t find the information which will prove a connection, though I may sometimes have some grounds for suspecting that a connection exists.   Some of the ‘twigs’ are not included in the following lists, so do get in touch if you can’t find the family you are looking for.

My trees are not online (there are too many), but I am happy to share information with descendents.  To find information on which families I have researched, follow the links below, or try the Search box above.

Families by UK County


A Word of Warning

There are many trees containing information on Horsman / Horseman families on the Internet. Some of these do contain incorrect information.  

If there are no references showing source information, (an original document), then you should always check the information yourself.


A Request for Help

If you find any errors in my family ‘notes’ do let me know.