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Ripon, co. York

Ar.   Three dexter hands in pale sa.

silver shield with three raised black hands in a line up the middle


[No reference]


A horse barnacle or. Betw. three plates, on a chief per fess indented of the first and purp.

Two etoiles of sixteen points of the second, in the centre of each a rose ar.

Blue background

A gold horse barnacle in the middle;  between three  silver roundels

the top third {chief} is split in two {per pale}, the first half has a wavy bottom {indented} and it's coloured purple. On it are two 16 pointed curly stars with roses in the middle in silver, both in the second half


(Granted 1590)

Or. Three caltraps gu.

Crest - flames of fire ppr. Issuing from a cup or.

three red caltraps on a gold shield

Crest [not shown on example]  Flames of fire coming from a gold cup


Sleaford , c.Lincoln

Az.  A pair of barnacles in pale or.

Crest - A horses head in armour bridled and plumed ppr.

Blue shield.

A pair of gold horse barnacles

Crest [not shown on example] A horses head in armour,  bridled, plumed, and coloured


Kensington, co Middlesex


three sinister gauntlets sa.

Crest - A castle on Fire


Three sinister gauntlets in sable

Crest - A castle on Fire


Cos. Norfolk and Sussex


A pair of barnacles or, betw three plates, on a chief indented per fesse of the first and purp.  Three roses ar.


A pair of gold barnacles, between three silver roundles

the top third {chief} is split in two {per pale}, the first half has a wavy bottom {indented} and it's coloured purple

Three silver roses


Co. Sussex


Bezantee a pair of barnacles or, on a chief of the first three quatrefoiles pierces ar.


Seeded, with a pair of gold barnacles

The top third {chief} has three silver quatrefoiles

I would like to thank Derrick Watson for providing the ‘schematic’ interpretations of the different ‘Coats of Arms’, shown above.  If anyone can provide drawings of the actual arms  please get in touch.

The following coat of arms is not listed in Burke’s,  but comes courtesy of Ken and Suzanne Smith. Suzanne is descended from  James Coles and Elizabeth Horsman. Elizabeth was the only child of Timothy  Horsman, who was once the High Constable of the North Riding and a prosperous cattle farmer

HORSMAN (Timothy)

Kirby Wiske, North Yorks

Azure background

Gold Barnacles

Three Silver plates (roundels).

The indented upper section(Chief) is Erminois (white with scattered ermine tales).

With three red roses

Note the similarity between this and the Norfolk arms

I wonder why the heralds who designed it chose Red roses for a Yorkshire coat of arms

Coats of Arms