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New Brunswick

Christopher Horsman was baptised 28 Oct 1746 at Marske by Richmond,  the son of William Horsman and Anne Stockwell.  He appears to have been the third son and fourth child of the couple.  

In 1755 Christopher emigrated on the ship Jenny, to New Brunswick in Canada via Nova Scotia, and was the start of a huge Horsman family.

Many on-line trees show Christopher’s father William being baptised in 1724 at Kirby Malzeard, son of John Horsman and Mary Stanmore (who married in Nettleton, Wiltshire).

Several things are concerning about this information.    

Firstly:  William and Ann Stockwell were married in 1738,  which would make William 14 when their first child was born.

Secondly:  Nettleton, Wiltshire is a long way from North Yorkshire, and was home to another family of Horsman’s.

Thirdly:  Most trees accept that William was buried at Marske in 1786.  His burial record gives a lot more information.

1786 – May 21   Will’m Horsman, aged 80 born at Hollins and was farmer there till abt 6 years before his death.  Dyd with his son Timothy in the parish of Kirby Wiske. was buried in Marske Church Yard.  was the last of that family who had lived for several years on that farm in this parish.

Timothy was William and Anne’s third child.

The age of his death puts William’s birth as about 1706,  which would suggest that he was baptised at Marske on 9th March 1707, son of William Horsman (and an unknown wife).

Christopher’s eldest son was William, (1775-1844) who married to Hannah Trites.

They had the following children (named in  William’s will): Mary, Lydia, Joseph, Susan, William C, Aaron and Elizabeth.

There are numerous trees on line which refer to ‘William C’ as William Gardner Horsman (1829-1897).

However, New Brunswick Archives have the will of William C Horsman, who died in 1900.  In his will, he names his siblings:  Joseph,  Aaron, and sister Lydia (wife of William Horsman).  This shows that he was the son on William Horsman and Hannah Trites.

This is a strong indication that William Gardner Horsman is NOT the son of William & Hannah.  It does beg the question – who were his parents?